About The Elite Network...

I am the founder of Make It Happen a coaching and training business that focuses on empowering you to become the best version of yourself.

Personal development is something I am super passionate about, I want to empower 1 billion people to unlock their full potential and make it happen.


Because I want you, your friends, family and loved ones to be affected positively because you become the very best version of you which you are capable of being - even if you don't think you are right now, I'll help to change that ☺.

So let me give you a little bit of info on The Elite Network. 

A while back when I first wanted to empower as many people as I possibly could to be the best version of themselves and thought I'd run my own events but getting 50 people into a room for free blowing them away with content and then thought some of them might want to learn some more from me - I mean how hard could it be.

My first event (in the photo) had 36 people turn up, the second 16, the 3rd 12 and the 4th just 13.

So yeah, it was harder than I thought.

Long story short I thought it would be better to have a generic event, which happened in multiple locations and could operate on a national scale. This way it wasn't just me speaking all the time, we could bring in other speakers for variety and other people could host the events making them more locally accessible for anyone that has an interest in personal development as the events grew.

This made it a win-win-win.

Attendees got to meet positive, driven people with a growth mindset that want to be a better version of themselves and gain quality content. Speakers were able to inspire and I was able to continue to fulfil my mission of empowering 1 billion people!

So I partnered up with Mark Davies who was the ex leader of the Yes Group and owned a local TEDx license and got to work on starting The Elite Network’s first event in Chelmsford in April 2016 and the rest, as they say is history.

The Elite Network isn't about being elite in terms of being better than others but is a network that provides you with support, resources and a community for you to be and elite version of you and really live life at level TEN!

We now run events in multiple cities around the UK click here to see them all and book to attend your first event for free!
Will Polston
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