The Evolve Network Chelmsford

Meet like minded, positive, driven people locally 
and benefit from positivity, inspiration and motivation 
from some of the UK's best speakers
Why Should I Attend 'The Evolve Network Chelmsford'?

You have friends.

But you know they are not all on your wave length when it comes to wanting to better yourself. 

Well look no further because TEN is here to deal with exactly that.

The Evolve Network is an expanding community of personal development networking events for those that wish to develop a growth mindset and to become the very best they can be. 

The events provide you with the perfect balance between education, positivity, inspiration and motivation therefore enabling you to live a happier, more positive and fulfilling life.

Designed to help you get the most out of personal development, with two guest speakers at every event you will be learning about the best and latest ways of developing yourself, meeting local likeminded people all in a live, local enjoyable environment.
The Evolve Network Chelmsford Host
Will Polston 
See what a typical event looks like...
Who are the speakers this month?
Roger Cheetham
Since a life-changing event in June 2013 brought Roger's career as a pub landlord to an end, Roger has gone on to use his story of adversity to help so many others. Roger has created, "The Life You Deserve" programme to help other trauma survivors. He has written his first book, "The Life You Deserve: Surviving Trauma Through Empathy & Inner Peace" and hosts interview shows where his guests share their stories of surviving trauma, addiction or affliction, to help inspire others going through similar situations.

Whilst Roger finds that his book is the vehicle is for getting in front of the largest audiences, he believes there is nothing like sharing his story in front of a live audience, to make the connection with those he may be able to help, or those working with others, who may be helped, as a result of his talk. 

Roger also believes that we all have a book inside us and that we're doing the world a disservice by not getting our message out of our heads and hearts and out in front of others. To this end, Roger will be launching "The Author Club, Sheffield" in the Autumn of this year. 

Roger will be presenting his incredible talk 'The Empathic Life You Deserve' 

Roger shares his story of adversity with a focus on empathy running through it, like a river. Roger gives us an insight into how life was before, compared to how it is now, and the journey between the two. The underlying message of Roger's talk is that choose how dark things become, not only can you come out the other side, you can emerge a stronger, more positive and improved version of yourself. 

As a result of hearing Roger's talk "The Empathic Life You Deserve" you will:

• Understand what empathy is. 
• Find out how empathy can make a positive difference in your life. 
• Receive Roger's 4 Step Process to living your life with more empathy. 
• Be inspired by such a powerful story. 
James Bargeron
James Bargeron is a mindset expert and performance coach that helps optimise performance on and off the golf course.

He helps aspiring golfers develop the mental strategies, beliefs, attitudes and resilience needed to become a high performer and understands the difference between average and high performers, is the quality of their thinking and their mindset. 

It is the culmination of over three decades of experience working in the high performance arena and his own personal transformation from a life-changing sports injury. 

James has always loved sports and has a deep passion for the game of golf. Inspired at a young age by what makes certain people succeed, he became a student of psychology and personal excellence, which he continues to this day. 

He has worked with a rich variety of clients over the years in business and in sports including juniors, college golfers, professional and aspiring amateurs and loves working with those who wish to improve their mental game and mindset. 

He has lived in the both the UK and the USA, James is now based in Surrey, England. 

James will be sharing his talk on “Why people fail”. 

Everyone is looking to succeed. Whether it is at work, business, sports, love or many others things. However, not everyone will get the results they hope for. We all face many challenges, problems and setbacks in life. Sometimes these seem to come all at once and everything seems futile.  

Sometime with dire consequences. 

This Is James’ story of exactly that.  

Along with some humour and stories, here's some of what he’ll be sharing:

• Understanding failure and success 
• 3 questions we must ask ourselves to develop a winning mind  
• The simple formula to changing your results 

His aim is that attendees will be able to take away something of real value that they can implement immediately for change. 
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Where & When is it?

Wednesday 26th June 2019

Arrive from 6.30pm for a 7.00pm start 9.30pm finish

Chelmsford City Football Club

Salerno Way



There is free parking available.

See What Our Attendees Have to Say...

"I met Will Polston (Founder of the The Evolve Network) over 2 years ago before The Evolve Networking Events had been dreamed up and I’m amazed at how quickly Will took an idea to start running these networking events and Made It Happen…

The Evolve Network Chelmsford (aka TEN Chelmsford) had just celebrated it’s 2nd birthday and it has been a pleasure to watch this fantastic event go from strength to strength.  The success of The Evolve Network is not just down to the quality of the great keynote speakers every month, but credit also has to go to the fantastic team members and hosts running these events.

The Evolve Network is a very informative networking event with an emphasis on education and connecting with people who have a passion for Self Development and are looking to improve themselves in every way.

I would highly recommend getting yourself to your local Evolve Networking event, experience the power and Make It Happen."

- Andy Scott

"The Evolve Network has a perfect blend of networking and personal development. I have been very impressed with the speakers on my visits to their events. In addition to this I have developed some key business relationships that have allowed me to move my business forward. Highly recommended!" 

Martyn Gill Founder of Rugrats Rugby Ltd

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Frequently Asked Questions

What dates can I attend 'The Evolve Network Chelmsford' ?

The last Wednesday of every month

When and Where are the Events held?

The timings are 6.30pm for a 7.00pm start, until 9:30pm.

Click here to get the location details.

What makes The Evolve Network different?

There are lots of phenomenal personal development events around the UK however there tends to be very little that takes place locally. The EvolveNetwork is continuously growing and chance are there is an event locally to you already.

You get to spend time in and around positive, driven, likeminded people that wish to become the best version of themselves. 

So in short The Evolve Network is a hybrid between  going to a personal development event, meeting your mates for a drink, and a networking event!

Does this Event come with a Guarantee?

Register your place today and attend The Evolve Network . 

And if by the end of the evening you don’t think it was worth every penny you paid – and more – just let us know and we’ll refund your money in full – no questions asked.

Can I bring my children to The Evolve Network?

Yes, you can bring your children with you! In fact, under 18's can become The Evolve Network Standard Members for free! Please read the terms and conditions:

  • Speakers are real people with real stories, some of their content may not be viewed as acceptable for under 18’s. It is down to your own discretion that you bring your child to the elite network where sensitive issues may be addressed. Although we advise our speakers that we prefer a non swearing environment, this is not always the case.
  • All under 18’s must be accompanied by at least 1 adult
  • The Evolve Network/Make it happen accepts no responsibility for your child whilst at the event or in The Evolve Network Facebook community group
  • The Evolve Network/Make it happen accepts no responsibility of the refreshments that may be at the events. It is your responsibility to ensure your child does not consume anything you wish them not to e.g caffine, biscuits with allergy substances such as nuts
  • Photo’s and videos are taken at the events that may be used on social media and other online platforms by having your under 18’s at the event you consent to us using material used
  • You respect that if your child is disruptive whilst at The Evolve Network you will be mindful to leave
  • If your child provides an email address or telephone number they may receive marketing such as updates about the next event.
What if I want to cancel?

• The earliest point at which you may cancel your contract with us is 1 month prior to your anniversary, which must be done in writing (therefore giving us one months’ notice). We will continue to collect payments until we are notified either in writing or by email to that a member wishes to cancel their membership. Please note all overdue payments must be paid before we can cancel your membership.

• You will receive an email acknowledgment of your cancellation; this is your evidence of cancellation and should be retained. Please note that if you do not receive confirmation, your email has not been received by us. Members who cancel their Direct Debit before the contract anniversary are liable to pay the remainder of the contract in full.

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